About us

Ronin Weaponry is a Firefighter/ Paramedic, US Navy Veteran, Christian values, family values, Constitution following, & PROUD PATRIOT owned company. The company was started for my son Ronin, who came to us two and a half months early, weighing only two pounds fifteen ounces, and has Down's Syndrome. We named him Ronin after the masterless samurai, as we will not let his condition be his master. My son fought extremely hard to stay alive to make it out of the hospital after having numerous issues at birth and a horrible prognosis. After having several dealings with his disability with the fine folks in the government, his disability being approved then cancelled (several times in a year), we made the decision that it was time for me to turn back to gunsmithing and firearms. 

Ronin and I decided that what American's needed was a company that wanted to provide the very best out of the box. We are starting with holsters. When we reach phase 2 and 3, we will be producing ultra fine weapons. Weapons that you design, you pick the frame, slide, barrel, caliber, etc. All of our weapons will come Cerakoted in the color of your choice. All trigger work, polished feed ramps, etc will be done when you receive your weapon. All for at a cost you will be able to afford. All you will need to do is "press the fun switch" as they say.

We want to change the dynamics in modern business. When we brought Ronin home his mom had to quit work as the cheapest day care we could find was $400 a week. As we grow, we want to find parents of special needs kids and hire them, having a daycare in the business and they can go see their child anytime, play with them, have lunch with them or just plan old love on them. We want to hire Veterans, these are my brothers and sisters, and I, for one, WILL NOT turn my back on them. Take the company back to what business' should be about: Employees, Family, Country, Community, and helping those who need it. 

We started this journey two years ago. The reason I started all of this is so Ronin will have something to take care of him after I am gone. He will have a place to work, even if he is only able to push a broom around it will be his and a place to call his own. A place where the people around him love and care about him as much as I do. My biggest fear is him working somewhere that he will be treated poorly because people are cruel and mean to him. Once we are profitable the company will be placed into trust so no one person can access his future. 

"Ronin Approved" logo design. We ink printed his hand then we placed 4 total images in the blue part hidden. In the bottom right of the palm is the United States (the country in which we live and love), the thumb was replaced with his ultra sound picture (thanks for the idea Pete), the middle finger from the palm out wards is Ireland then the Philippines Islands the two heritage's from which he is made. The solid yellow line represents all Down's Syndrome as these beautiful children have a single line crossing their palms. The square with the 2T1 in it is Ronin's type of Down's which is Trisomy 21. This logo is so no one will loose sight of why this company is coming into existence purely for RONIN and the betterment of the community around him! Thanks for all the support, spread the word about us!

We want to thank those who have supported us emotionally, financially, and just being true friends. We want to thank God the blessing of us with this little boy and his trust in us to love and watch over him. If it we not for you all we would have not been able to keep our sanity. Thank you so very much! We love you all!

Thank you for choosing to join the Ronin Weaponry Family. We appreciate and cherish your business. God bless you and yours. GOOOOO TEAM RONIN!

We pledge to donate 10% of all profits to Down's Syndrome and Veteran causes. We should make it a priority to care for them.

Ronin, President of Ronin Weaponry